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John O'Gaunt Golf Club - Privacy Statement

This Website is provided by intelligentGolf on behalf of John O’Gaunt Golf Club. John O’Gaunt Golf Club uses this website to provide online information and services, competition management, CONGU ratified handicap maintenance and email communications for members of its Golf Club.

Access to the member’s area of this website is via the member’s email address or membership ID and a user managed PIN number. Access to the member’s area of the website is limited to golf club members and selected John O’Gaunt Golf Club staff, who need access for the purpose of supplying and maintaining information relative to the primary functions of the website, as stated above.

John O’Gaunt Golf Club will only make available to members those personal details relevant to golf club membership such that a golf club member may utilise this website effectively.

Any financial information specific to a members account(s) is only accessible by the account holder using their secure login and encrypted PIN number. Staff access is limited to those who require it to perform their job functions.

Users of the website are able to specify additional personal details by accessing the 'Preferences' area under the 'My Golf' menu option. The details specified here will be used solely for the following purposes:-

1) Communication between members to facilitate the management of matches and competitions

2) Communication between golf club members, golf club committee members and staff to promote accessibility and enable the effective and smooth running of the club.

3) Maintenance of the club’s membership management system.

Cookies are used throughout this website for tracking session data, and this data is automatically discarded after you leave the website. Persistent cookies may also be used to remember specific personal selection preferences.

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